Welcome to my website <3

This is where i keep relevant Hiilu content!! ^_^ below is a little bit about me, other stuff you'll find here includes but it not limited to: Some of my recent art, stories I've written, info on my ocs (with links to their toyhouse pages bc by god i spent so much time on their profiles and there is so much art) and also some of my photography!

About me!

Hiilumaru / Hiilu / sona names

Nonbinary | any pronouns




Feel free to contact me on any of my social medias if you have any questions or want to be friends! i'm bad at talking to people over extended periods of time but if we've ever been friends chances are i still luv u sososo much >u<

Haiiii :D I'm bad at writing about myself. I'm an artist, creature enthusiast and full-time silly little guy ^_^ I like going outside at night, learning random hobbies and then forgetting how to do them, taking things apart and geting mid-tier care characters on my tamagotchi connections even though i've been raising them since 2005. i have very adhd, a little brain damage and a supernatural ability to read and replicate aesthetics. i love lighting and drawing with fun filters and lighting colors <3


Bright colors
Glitter (esp embedded in plastic)
Paranormal stuff (ghosts, cryptids, UFOs etc)
Scenecore/kidcore/weirdcore/webcore aesthetics
Lisa frank
Toys (tamagotchi/pre-g3 mlp/furby)
Things that glow/light up
biting people
things that Tasteā„¢
physical media
having so much swag


going out at night
bad web design (both here and on toyhouse)
rotating furries in my mind
hoarding small plastic horses
hoarding tamagotchis
covering my electronics with stickers
having mild brain damage