Song recc
4/28/24 -
added art from the past week
4/19/24 -
Dream log update
4/14/24 -
new art
4/10/24 -
new art
4/6/24 -
new art
4/3/24 -
new art and song recc
Site upd8s
4/28/24 -
i have decided to post my art weekly on account of i draw SO much and dont wanna edit the site every damn day, but you can still see my art as i make it (pretty much daily) on my th and sheezyart
4/8/24 -
Added rat casino's character page + made a base layout for char pages
4/2/24 -
Added april gallery page

Welcome to my website <3

My name is Hiilumaru and this is where i keep all my stuffs!!! I do all kinds of creative endeavors (drawing is my main but i love learning new hobbies) showcased in my art page and you can find information on my original characters and species on their respective pages, but on this site you'll also find everything from my dreams to clothing DIY to fursuit pics eventually!

Places you can find me:

Sheezyart Toyhouse Bluesky Artfight