Commission info!

Here's where you can find my commission info! You can contact me on any of the websites you found this link on, or my email anmorata@proton.me! If you want something specific you've seen me make, but it doesn't have a price here, feel free to ask and we can work something out. I require a visual ref of the character to draw them (or enough that I don't have to guess on any of the details) and there may be additional fees for extremely complex characters!

2000score doodle

colored lines, 2 color bg and light shading!

Sketchy doodles

no sketch only audacity. may have erase marks/scribbly bits.
head - $8 | half - $10 | full - $20 | +$3 simple bg | +5 colored lines/smexy shading

Littlest pet shop style

No shading for now! Transparent png with a blobby background.

Stompy emo dog style

Takes considerably more effort than my usual style but i love doing it ^_^
Head - $18 | Half - $25 | Full - $32 | +$5 Simple bg, +$12 complex bg

Ref sheet

Can be done without a pre-existing ref! Have detailed descriptions of the character and any art at the ready. Slower turn around time, as I'll be checking in frequently to make sure details are correct throughout the process.
Simple - $25 (fullbody, max 2 detail views, simple layout) | Detailed - $55 (more than 2 detail views, items, aesthetic layout)