Mar_24 - Paint
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Mar 30 its 2004 ive decided. i was rly stoned when i drew this
Mar 29
Mar 28 got a guy in a trade and im obsessed w them
Mar 27 V the sunlight drives me to madness
Mar 27 L claimed adopt i did with my left hand
Mar 26 drawover of the animaniacs screenshot i have on the 404 page
Mar 25 more quiet coyote! quiet coyote says quit fucking yapping
Mar 23 DUSKULLTEON!!! finally made a pokemon form for twilight to get back to my roots. duskull is my fav pokemon but i'm too much of a furry to make her just a duskull soooo
Mar 21 twilight lore
Mar 20 L some funnie twilight shirts
Mar 18 A L drew an adopt with my left hand because the right was out of commission (see previous post)
Mar 18 this literally actually happened. don't operate a hot glue gun under the influence, kids
Mar 18 me and the bestie are literally jsut mabel and dipper pines irl and i finally made them pick a furry to be twi's dipper
Mar 15 allucard moment
Mar 14 inspired by people not needing to shut the fuck up because i was listening to predictable rave song by s3rl so loud i couldnt hear them
Mar 13 V also inspired by me being at work and people needing to shut the fuck up
Mar 13 concept for a smiling critters oc basedon the quiet coyote hand sign they made us do then it was time to shut the fuck up at camp. inspired by me being at work and people needing to shut the fuck up
Mar 11 T trade w toastedgutz on TH
Mar 03 yea
Mar 03 twilight in some dandelions ^_^ bringing back twilight has made me so much more motivated to draw as much as i did when i was 12 and first made her. reconnect with your roots

also inspired by this pixel im obsessed with
Mar 03 T Trade with mechface on TH
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