About me!

Hiilumaru/hiilu | 28 | Nonbinary (liminalcoric) | Any pronouns (get creative w it) | Pansexual | Taken

Haiiii :D I'm bad at writing about myself. I make things so i don't go insane, and i love lots of things! like animals, the paranormal, weird stuff, ghosts, and the horrors ^_^ writing about myself is hard bc i'm happy and loud and colorful and sleep in a pile of plushies but i'm also deeply fascinated with gross and weird stuff and my absolute favorite hobby is watching freaks use the internet to make the things in their heads everyone else's problem. so i guess there's that! I also only ever make myself useful at 1am so this site has exclusively been coded while I'm tired. I like talking to people and i'm also really bad at making words make sense but drop a dm/comment on any of my social media anyway because i'm BORED AND TALKING TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET IS FUN

I have unmedicated weapons-grade adhd, autism and brain damage + i also type really fast so sorry if i sound insane it will happen again. also if you see a typo no you didnt <3 im fucking literate I swear

You can contact me at anmorata@proton.me!

Other stuff about me

I have really good night vision and i love spending time in the dark/outside at night
I'm ambidextrous! I didn't realize until recently because i'd never tried using my left hand for stuff, but i use it for drawing now because I can (also things that require angles like sewing and soldering)
I have a pretty severe stutter but I "work around it" so much that I just don't say words sometimes. personally i think it was really transphobic of god to give me the madness and also make it hard for me to talk but fuck it we ball
one of my autism powers is being able to do the lady doing floating math gif but with aesthetics and vibes. not only can i identify specific elements of visual aesthetics and atmospheres and replicate them in art, but I can also do it with people through online conversation too. i can smell you through the screen. I can smell you and I know i'm right because i'm always right.

things i like

Bright colors
Glitter (esp embedded in plastic)
Paranormal stuff (ghosts, cryptids, UFOs etc)
Scenecore/kidcore/weirdcore/webcore aesthetics
Lisa frank
Toys (tamagotchi/pre-g3 mlp/furby)
Things that glow/light up
biting people
things that Tasteā„¢
old tech (especially my gen3 ipod nano >w<)
having so much swag

Hobbies (an extended list)

writing (mostly original but some fanfic too)
bad web design (both here and on toyhouse)
making kandi
Toy restoration (repainting, electronic repair, rehairing etc)
fursuitmaking (hand-sculpting, painting etc)
AP arts & crafts (if i can dream it i can do it)
Doing unspeakable things to electronics with my soldering iron (not even god can stop me now.)