untitled 04/19/24

my dream starts as I'm walking along the side of the road, next to a small field with some trees on the other side. I walk for a little bit, and as I'm walking, I spot a guy wearing an alien costume. It's an inflatable one, and their arms are in alongside their legs like when you do the ostrich thing by pulling your arms and legs in a pair of sweatpants. He's about twemty feet away from me,, and he starts doing backflips and silly danges and stuff as he's going the other way. I cheer at him as I'm walking toward a bridge further down the road.

I continue walking, and I'm suddenly not seeing the dresm from my own perspective anymore. A different person is walking down the sidewalk toward the bridge in front of me, and they hear a strange rattling sound that sounds like dry reeds or bamboo with leaves rustling. The woman my view is following spots a man on the bridge,and she runs up to join him, afraid that the sound is being caused by a "crowd hunter". They attempt to figure out a plan or action, but the woman decides to run - something on the other side of the road behind the bridge starts chasing her, and as she runs, she looks over her shoulder to see a large animal chasing her. It has the body of a tiger, a long tail with long fur that looks sort of like a thin wolf tail, and a flat puglike face with tusks. its body is black and white with markings like a black shiba inu (but white underside instead of tan) and its tail and face are a very bright reddish-brown. It's about the size of a tiger. She's carrying a bag of groceries, so she thows the bag at it and hits it in the face, and it immediately falls to the ground and shrivels up into a blue-colored ball of something squishy encased in a thick, translucent layer of slime. my perspective changes to a webpage with a tumblr blog, where I can see the woman earn a badge for killing a crowd hunter. The man comes over to help, and as he pulls out his phone to take pictures of the body, the screen remains white as he takes pictures with his camera. Once he looks back to the screen, he flips to the homepage and is met with a colorful kidcore wallaper that he didn't put there. It's then that I appear in the dream again, as Rat Casino, sitting on the ground near the remains of the creature, and I tell them that they're lucky to have survived and that they need to be careful in the area. I get up to follow them wherever they're going as the dream rapidly becomes a lucid dream, then I wake up.
untitled 03/29/24

i Can't remember most of this dream. Things were becoming clearer while I was waking up, though, so i can remember a short bit near the end. I was living in th eold gated community my parents live in, which is in the woods, and I had to catch a bus - for some reason, I was using a "new bus riding technique" that involved me sitting on the roof of the bus as it weaved through the streets that busses don't drive down irl, getting hit by large moths as it went. I eventually became aware that the bus driver probably didn't know I was there. Once it leaves the gated community, I am on the ground again, trying to catch a but (maybe the same one) at one of the actual bus stops. I feel that I've missed it, so I walk down the road and find that there's a bunch of fancy little lodges in a spot that's usually a parking lot. As I am wandering around looking for a bus stop, I hear a commotion behind me, and whenI look, a bunch of women have appeared, talking to a lost child, who looks like a three-year-old scaled down to the size of a newborn. I wake up as i'm following the women to the main lodge to try to find the child's parents.
Skateboard 03/28/24

My birthday was recently, and in my dream, I get a motorized scooter that can turn into a skateboard as a birthday present. The dream entirely consists of me riding it around a town i don't recognize. the town is dark, so I think it's nighttime, but I can see just fine. the dream ends when, as i am using it to skate up a hill in the middle of the road, I am hit by an extremely wide tesla that takes up two lanes of the road and doesn't have a visible windshield.
Family drama (TW: abuse) 03/21/24

This dream happens in my apartment, which is almost one-for-one accurate, except that it's about ten stories higher than in real life and there's a bedroom door where the closet that our washer and dryer are in is. In this dream, I'm sitting at home with my "sister", who isn't my real sister, but an old childhood friend I didn't get along with very well at times. Very quickly, I find that my "mom", also not my real mom but sounds like her (and looks like a different woman), has been threatening to hurt and kill her. I haven't seen her do anything violent, so I sneak into her bedroom (where the apartment differs from irl), because she's asleep. Her room is dimly lit and has wooden floors and unusual, angled walls that don't match the rest of the apartment. As I enter, I hear her mumbling that she hates me and is going to kill me, believing me to by my sister. I sneak around her room until I see her, and i see that she's covered in knife wounds. I can't remember how i figured this out, but I realize that the knife wounds were caused by my sister, who has been threatening to kill her too. I realize that I'm in danger, and I leave her room.

After I come out, I sit on the bed for a while, and my sister is sitting at the desk on the other side of the room. We're talking, and I can't understand anything she's saying until she mentions something about me making fun of her for being fat, because mom keeps trying to cut the fat off of her with a knife. I tell her that it's too bad that she's fat because it's harder for mom to stab her in a way that would kill her. I decide to try and call for help, so i take my phone and go into what in my apartment is a crafting room that leads to the balcony. It looks the same as it does irl, but out the balcony door, I can see slush on the balcony and what looks like a pile of broken glass. I use the glass as an excuse to go outside and investigate, and when I go out, I find that it's not glass, but ice from the skylight above that doesn't exist irl. I decide to hide out in a small 1ft wide area that extends under a window, and i use my phone to try to call my "dad", who i think might look like my real dad but not be him? The dream starts fading into me waking up thinking about it, so I think this is where the dream stops. From the balcony, it was snowing, and the apartment was 10 stories up a much taller building (i live on the second floor irl). The way the town below looked as the weather made me think of the ending to yume nikki. I noticed this even before I woke up.
Got my lashes done 03/13/24

I haven't remembered my dreams very clearly for a while, but i had a dream where i was in a really run-down, dimly lit building that kinda felt like both an old house and an old warehouse at the same time. It had the layout of a house and some furniture, but I think it also had a concrete floor and some of the walls were corrugated tin. I was in this house because I was getting my eyelashes done by a girl who looked like nicki minaj, but wasn't. This consisted of her gluing some magenta tinsel lashes on really poorly - they were about 2mm above my actual lashes in some spots and almost 4mm in others when I looked in the mirror, and I think it was because she had really long nails but I could tell she wasn't used to them. I still acted like I was happy with the work, and I woke up once she was done and I was getting ready to leave.
The lashes looked like these ones but in magenta, and I woke up thinking about how neat they looked... Maybe i'll try getting some and putting them on the RIGHT way