Open species | anthro or feral
Below is info about feral tsi'burin!

Tsi'burin are coyote-sized mammals that thrive in places where magic is plentiful, traveling through space to visit - or even take up residence on - worlds that they find interesting.


Lifespan: 6k-20k years, varying by genetics

Diet: primarily magic, but will also consume meat/fruit/people food on planets where they can find them

Living group size: small

Habitat: pretty much anywhere, depending on individual desires (including underwater!)

Breeding rate: 2-6 kits every 100 years


Physically, tsi'burin visibly most resemble felines, but they're anatomically closer to canine build. They have particularly long necks compared to cats, sometimes giving them an uncanny appearance in certain positions. Tsi'burin bodies come in all colors, with some more common depending on the breed, but no real limitations. Their flesh, blood and paw pads tend to be the same color, but this isn't always the case. Each tsi'burin has jewels either on or floating aorund their body, and their bones and nails are made out of this same jewel material - their teeth, however, are made out of a different material, which usually appears white but can be any color just like every other part of their bodies. They have small but very functional thumbs on their front paws, though they look like a normal extra toe when not in use.

Their bodies can withstand extremely high pressures and they can hold their breath for weeks or even months, allowing them to travel through outer space, as well as the crushing depths of the ocean, with ease. Their fur and skin are resistant to extreme cold and heat. Because of this, they're also resistant to being crushed or struck at high velocity, making them very resilient creatures; they can, however, be harmed by sharp objects, poison, illness or significant cosmic forces. They have a running speed of up to 40mph, and a flying speed of up to 70mph in an atmosphere, but in space outside an atmosphere they can reach speeds of up to 20,000mph to cross vast expanses - if they have enough magic power stored, though, they prefer to use it to jump through space to get where they're going instead, as flying at such speeds burns energy and magic at a rapid pace.

Tails and jewels

Tsi'burin have at least one, and at most three tails. Only triple-tail tsi'burin can have tails with long fur (specifically, the two outer tails), and the standard tails have a large jewel at the end. This jewel is hollow, and stores magic power in the form of glitter dust; this dust slowly escapes through the jewel walls, leaving the spaces the tsi'burin spends a lot of time in with magical effects that depend on their breed. The stored magic is used as sustenance or an emergency magic supply for casting spells. The tail jewel also has another use, though; the jewel material is extremely hard and durable, and the tail can be swung with shocking force to be used as a weapon - many tsi'burin have jewel shapes with sharp corners, making them even more dangerous. The smaller jewels, which can either grow from the skin or float around the tsi'burin's body - are also used for storing magic as, well as directing it - the more jewels a tsi'burin has, the more control they have over their magic. The shape of the jewels - tail and body - have little limitation.


The wings of a tsi'burin don't rely on physics to fly. Instead, they beat against the flow of magic in the atmosphere, which is often weak but always present, and as a result they can fly even in space. This also means that their wings don't have to be as large as terrestrial species, and don't even technically need to be attached at all, allowing them to use floating wings with no problem. Some are born without wings. This isn't particularly rare, and is a 100% certain sign that they will have innate magic knowledge, as any kit born without physical wings will learn the magic they'll use to make them by the time they're ready to learn how to fly. This magic can be almost any type that makes a physical energy or manifestation; fire, water, earth, even things like wind or plant magic can be used. Though they can fly in any atmosphere - even underwater - Tsi'burin are also capable of walking on clouds, and will often choose to walk instead of flying.


Tsi'burin are made to feed on magic. They can pull magic from the atmosphere, even in places that don't have noticeable magic properties, so it's almost unheard of for a tsi'burin to starve. However, they also enjoy eating actual food! In places with animals, they'll hunt small mammals, birds and insects, and those living underwater will eat mostly fish, or use their tail jewels to crack open shellfish. They'll also eat any vegetation that looks edible, though despite their ability to survive the pressures of space, they are vulnerable to poison and can't eat things a normal animal wouldn't be able to. Most also have a sweet tooth. Tsi'burin living in places where there are people will also eat people food, preferring things that resemble magic, like rock candy and konpeito or colorful drinks.


Tsi'burin reproduce sexually, but as they have an incredibly long lifespan, they don't do so very often, especially because they're often few and far between. The growth for young tsi'burin is very erratic. Kits are born with their full adult markings and jewels, and grow to near-adult size within twenty years. They are able to reproduce at around eighty years, however, they aren't considered "mature" until they're able to leave their birth planet; they have to beat themselves against the harsh atmosphere for decades to strengthen themselves enough to leave, which can take anywhere from sixty to two hundred years depending on how strong they start out. They can hybridize with canine species, and while the tsi'burin anatomy is always dominant, they can end up with canine face shapes or coat types or be larger or smaller than normal; while it's theorized that hybrids don't live as long, they still fall within the low end of the normal lifespan range for a purebred tsi'burin.

Other species can become tsi'burin. It's unknown how, exactly, but it's believed that some creatures are born with the seed for a tsi'burin jewel - a tiny spark of magic - within them, and if exposed to the right magical forces, it can grow into a full jewel and allow them to turn into a tsi'burin - once they transform, the tsi'burin form they end up as becomes their default form, and they have to learn shapeshifting magic to change back.


Tsi'burin come in three varieties, which have "standard" traits, but these traits are more a suggestion than a rule. The only trait that is constant is the type of dust that each breed's tail is full of. Each breed is also more likely to use certain magic types, so magicians of certain types will often try to attract a tsi'burin who suits their needs. Tsi'burin socially don't care about each others' breed, though they can tell by the scent of the dust on them what their breed is, and they'll use their dust the same way others do if they have a reason.


Very high-energy, festive tsi'burin usually have dark coats with bright or glowing markings that resemble fireworks, ribbons or bubbles. They're much more social than other breeds, and are often lured to visit society during festivals or celebrations.

Dust type: Glitter - highly concentrated magic with no elemental bias. Used to enhance other magics. Also sticks to things and is very difficult to remove.
Common magic types: fire, light, sound
common traits: Fairy wings, Attached jewels, Star tails, Diamond tails, Odd-colored eyes


Cosmic tsi'burin spend the most time in magic realms or in the sky, and rarely visit planet surfaces. They're drawn to magic, but shy around people. Their coats appear equally in any color variety, but they often have celestial-themed markings.

Dust type: Stardust - shed dust enhances the shedder's magic power where it falls. Areas that they spend a lot of time in can become permanently charged with the magic they use often.
Common magic types: fire, ice, light, shadow
Common traits: Feather/bat wings, Floating jewels, Extra fluff, Bell tails, Glowing dust


Usually seen in pastel colors, but most often by children or gentle people; dreamy tsi'burin are more social than their cosmic siblings, but tend to watch from a distance or a moonlit rooftop.

Dust type: dream dust - Fallen dust cleanses negative energy from the area around it, giving a space a relaxed, cozy feeling. If enough dust lingers, it can start producing clouds of fine mist that directly combat feelings of anxiety and stress.
Common magic types: dream, light, song
common traits: Feather/bat wings, Floating jewels, Glowing markings, Extra fluff, Bell tails, Glowing dust